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Start a FSBO Business

Are you looking to for information on how to start a FSBO business?  Lets us introduce ourselves,  we are Tony and Justin with FSBOFox.  We started a fsbo business 3 years ago and hope this article can give you some insight for starting your own fsbo business.

First it is very important to understand your market.  Does you community know what FSBO is?  Do they know what it stands for, how it can help them, how they can save money?

If the answer if NO, to start your fsbo business you must become and educator.  People do not buy what they do not know.  To be successful your challenge will be how many customers can you educate and show the value of selling FSBO compared to using a real estate agent.  Teach them the home selling process and how different professionals can help guide them through their home sale.  All without paying commissions.

If the answers to these questions are YES, to start your FSBO business you must compete and promote your fsbo business on features, exposure and service.  What can you do better than the other fsbo site?  How will you seperate your fsbo business from theirs?  What do you offer that is different and how can you help your clients best expose their home to potential buyers?

After you answer this question you are well on your way to starting your own fsbo business.  If you would like some professional help, a head start or just a quick way to get up and running please check our our information page at:


FSBOFox offers our fsbo license program in order to help you start your fsbo business

good luck and thanks for reading

Tony and Justin