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Small business for sale

FSBOFox offers a small business for sale for $2,000.  A business in a box ready for you and ready for the future of real estate.  Our small business for sale is called our fsbo license..

Our small business for sale provides you control and decision making in your market while still benefiting from our vast real estate, web design and marketing successes.

Our small business for sale provides your own website branded FSBOFox, controls and access of a small business owner, as well as pages upon pages of knowledge base articles to help you learn, develop and grow your fsbo business on your own time line.  In addition we are always here to help our licensee’s and guarantee the support you need to become successful. Our experience and knowledge will become your partner in our small business for sale program.

Why waste thousands of dollars,  months of time and valuable energy in finding a small business for sale. A FSBOFox license, our small business for sale program,  offers you an opportunity in in the fast growing For Sale By Owner real estate market.  You will be up and running in about a week.

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Thank you FSBOFox

FSBOFox is your small business for sale expert