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FSBO Website

How do I go about designing a FSBO website?

4 years ago I asked this same question.  Let me walk you thru what I found in how to get a fsbo website, or have someone do a fsbo website design.  I came across 2 options, one of which creates a third option for you.

1)Professional fsbo website design.  I held several meetings with professional web designers to discuss my fsbo website idea.  Several weeks later I uncovered the least expensive option was over $10,000.  Be aware that I am not talking about a build you own, cheap looking website.  I am talking a high quality, multi function fsbo website.

2)The second option I had was to build my own, piecing together some templates to create my fsbo website.  This could easily be done for under $1,000.  But this option presented a huge opportunity cost.  While I was spending months on creating this fsbo website,  who would be out developing business?  Who would maintain the site?  As you can tell this idea for a fsbo website design did not make the final cut.

3)A final option for you is to piggy back off our success, and years of real estate and web design experience.  We will cut your fsbo website costs by at least half, provide you your own fsbo website specific to your market.  You will also have access to our years of successes and failures in marketing a fsbo website.  This option is called our FSBOFox license.  The best solution for your fsbo website.

As you can see the FSBOFox fsbo website save you time and money and allows you instant access to a team of experienced fsbo marketers.  FSBOFox is the best solution for you.

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FSBO Software

Are you a real estate agent looking for additional leads?

Have you considered a FSBO Website and the FSBO software offered by FSBOFox?

With all the clients you meet, why not be able to offer them the FSBO option and generate some revenue for yourself, all while helping a client.   Plus if the customer is unable to sell FSBO or just wants more representation, who do you think they will call?

The FSBO software offered by FSBOFox offers the ability to post homes to the MLS, FSBO or both.

The website, technology and design is all complete.  A few little tweaks for your particular market and you are ready to go.  You simply add the local knowledge and marketing.

FSBOFox LLC is FSBO company based in Bettendorf, IA and serves the Quad Cities (IA and IL) from its corporate office.  In a short 1 year of offering our FSBO website design or FSBO software to other markets we have already grown to 5 licensee’s serving 6 other markets.

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