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Part Time Business

Part time business

Are you looking for a part time business?  A low cost business?  A business that can be done in your spare time,  but in a very hot market.

We have the solution for you and your part time business dreams.  We are FSBOFox and we offer a part time business opportunity call our FSBOFox License.

Our FSBOFox license allows our part time business owners to own and operate a for sale by owner business in their local markets.  Our part time business includes a fancy and effective website customized to your market,  support to help run your part time business and cutting edge technology to keep in you front of your competition.

Are you familiar with the For Sale By Owner concept?  Are you familiar with paying a real estate agent 7% to help sell your home?  We believe in saving our customers these huge commissions and allow them to sell their home by owner.   Selling a home by owner requires a marketing mechanism and a local expert to help guide and direct these DIYers.  This is where you and the FSBOFox part time business enters.  We have all the tools to help you help your customers,  we just need YOU in your marketplace to be the expert.

Our part time business is a great way to earn extra income while running your own business.  And the opportunity is always there to make this a full time career or business.  The market potential for this part time business is HUGE and we want to capitalize on this in your market.

Please check out our website to see what the fsbo business can do for your customers.  www.fsbofox.com .

Then visit our part time business page to see more information regarding this business opportunity.


Thanks for reading, we look forward to hearing from you soon.


FSBO Real Estate Business

What is a FSBO real estate business and how can I own one?

A fsbo real estate business is simply for sale by owner real estate.  Meaning the home’s owner takes control of marketing, pricing, and selling their fsbo real estate. A fsbo real estate business is a company who helps the individual homeowner in the marketing of their home.

FSBOFox has been in the fsbo real estate business for over 3 years.  We bring over 15 years of real estate and web design experience to our fsbo real estate business and to that of our fsbo real estate business license owners.

If you believe that a fsbo business can be successful in your market please take a look at our fsbo website design.

Our fsbo website design (FSBOFox license) will help enter the fsbo real estate business in a low cost, low time fashion.  We can have your market and your website operational within one week.  FSBOFox will also provide you ongoing coaching, support and access to our proprietary knowledge software.  Our successes and failures are open to you to earn from.  Together we can make a stronger better fsbo real estate company.

For more information on our fsbo real estate business and our fsbo website design services, please visit our information page at:


thank you FSBOFox