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FSBO Business For Sale

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Are you interested in joining the future of real estate?

We are FSBOFox, a for sale by owner website company based in Bettendorf, IA.  We offer our cutting edge fsbo website, fsbo marketing experience and our world class web design available for sale.

By becoming a fsbo fox license owner you will own and operate a local fsbo website in your market.  We will provide the website, the know how and experience, you provide the market knowledge.  We offer our fsbo business for sale to motivated, dedicated and ambitious people interested in operating their own business.

The fsbo business for sale is a great, inexpensive opportunity to own and operate you own business in a very fast growing market segment.  The housing market is heating up,  why not own your own fsbo business?

We are here to help you make an informed decision about our fsbo business for sale program, so please call or email us.  Or for additional information you can visit our information page at:


FSBOFox is the leader in fsbo business for sale technology

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What is a FSBO Business?

What is a FSBO Business?

FSBO is an acronym for For Sale By Owner.  Most commonly used in the real estate industry when a home owner will sell there house FSBO (For Sale By Owner).  The FSBO home seller will take all responsibiity of the marketing and legal work of selling their home into their own hands.  This is compared to paying a real estate agent to handle these duties, which can cost around 7% of the sales price.

Lets take a look at the 3 most important aspects of selling any home, especially a fsbo home.

1)Location. Location. Location.  Is your fsbo house in the right location.  Unfortunately there is not much that can be done about your location.  In my years of fsbo business experience, I have seen beautiful homes sit and sit becuase of location.  Where as ugly homes in the best locations will sell as soon as the hit the market.  See #3 on how to help sell your home in am undesirable location.

2)Price.  This is the hardest part for any home seller, setting their homes price.  Most fsbo business are not licensed agents, therefore can not help their clients set pricing. However most fsbo home sellers, can research existing home listings, home sales by using the internet.  Check out your local real estate agents web site to see what homes are selling for in your size and location.  The actives are your competition.  Check your county assessors page for sold homes,  these are sellers who have already sold their home.  What price did it take to sell theirs.

3)Exposure.  If buyers are not finding your house, it becomes impossible to sell.  A good fsbo business will expose your home to mulitple real estate websites, have social media capabilities, and have thousands of visits to its main fsbo website.  In this internet age, getting your home on a fsbo website is the most important item you can do.

We appreciate you reading this article and want you to know that FSBOFox is on the fsbo business.  In addition to 8 fsbo markets in the midwest to help you advertise your home fsbo, we also offer small business owners fsbo website design, a fsbo website specific to your market.  These small business opportunities are available under our fsbo license program, similiar o a fsbo franchise.

More information can be found here…


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FSBO Business

Real estate agent looking for a FSBO Business!  Does this sound like you?

Read a little longer and see how FSBOFox fsbo business could be for you.  For over 3 years our fsbo business has been a huge help to small entrepeneurs grow and expand their real estate practice.

Do you see the fsbo business as an addition to your current business?  Do you see how a real estate expert can leverage a fsbo business to help more clients?  Do you see how a fsbo partnership can make you more money?

If not, if have come to the wrong spot.  Good luck to you, but our FSBO business is not the one for you.

If you do believe all this can happen then FSBOFox would like to talk about our fsbo business you.  By becoming a FSBOFox licensee we can help you offer the the full spectrum of real estate sales.  Our website offers mls and idx, social media share tools as well as even navigation and customization.

Our fsbo business can help you business.

For additional information on our fsbo business opportunity please call or visit our informational page…


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FSBO Business Opportunity

FSBO Business Opporunity presented by FSBOFox.

You could be a FSBOFox.com market operator and join a team that will change the real estate industry.

A FSBOFox.com license offers you many advantages:

• No web design experience necessary
• No real estate license required
• Low initial investment
• Your local expertise and our online technology = success
• Always available home office support and training plus our exclusive knowledge base information   system
• Over 15 years of web design and real estate experience.

With For Sale By Owner being the fastest growing trend in real estate marketing, can you afford to  miss your opportunity to be part of the new era of real estate in your community?  This is the FSBO Business opportunity you have been waiting for.

See our information page for more details…


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10 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Going it Alone in the FSBO Business

Have you ever built a business before?

  • It takes a lot of time and is especially hard to do alone.  Tony and Justin (FSBOFox owners) spent thousands of hours building FSBOFox to the point where it can be run in any market by an individual working part time.  Let FSBOFox focus on new site features and developing marketing strategies while you concentrate on your customers.  An internet business is not as simple as tossing a site online and photographing houses when people call.  Tony and Justin meet every week, talk marketing strategy and ideas for the site and with each meeting come away with a list of items to work on.
  • As a FSBOFox franchisee, you will be part of a team.  Our goal is to speak regularly with each franchisee and find ways to improve the overall company as well as your market.

How much time and money is it going to take to establish a brand?

  • Have you looked into domain names and what is available?  Most anything with the word FSBO in the title is taken and you may have to pay a premium to someone that already owns the domain name to get a good domain name.  That is what we had to do with FSBOFox.com.
  • What about a logo, color scheme and feel of the company?  How long is it going to take to develop that and what are you going to have to pay for it?
  • Once the branding is complete, what if it isn’t effective?  Are you going to spend thousands more to rebrand yourself?

What’s it going to cost to setup a website and will it have all of the below features that FSBOFox has spent thousands of hours developing?

  • Self Service: ability for customer to create own listing themselves
  • Printable Flyers
  • Built in maps and mortgage calculators
  • Integration with Craigslist, Facebook, Twitter and over 20 other sites
  • Open House Calendar
  • Shopping Cart Checkout
  • Email Notifications for buyers on new properties
  • Favorites: ability for buyers to save properties to a favorites list.
  • Page View Counts: so sellers can see how many views their property has had
  • Photo Slideshows
  • Sharing Tools
  • School and Neighborhood Profiles

Who is going to maintain your site and ensure that it keeps up with technology?

  • Technology and features change.  If we do nothing to the FSBOFox website, it will be completely out of date within 3 years.  We are constantly adding new features to the site that you will get for your site for free.  Going it alone, you would have a hard time keeping up with technology.  You have to first know what the latest and greatest is in order to add it to your site, and then pay someone to add those features which will cost thousands of dollars.

What marketing strategies are you going to use and how much are they going to cost?  How do you know what is and isn’t effective?

  • We’ve spent a lot of time and money figuring out what does and doesn’t work.  There are cost effective strategies we have developed with proven results.
  • We have developed letterhead, business cards, radio jingles, email marketing programs, flyers, postcards, yard signs and much more.  All of which you would have to pay someone to design going on your own, but you will have at your fingertips for free using FSBOFox.
  • Once these items are designed, who is going to print them?  How much time are you going to spend pricing out the cheapest option?  We’ve already done this work and continue to come up with new marketing ideas.

How much is it going to cost to form a company legally and put together the necessary documents (terms of service, privacy policy etc)?

  • Lawyers aren’t cheap.  FSBOFox has taken care of this all already.

What questions are customers going to ask and how do I answer them?

  • We have been asked them all and can coach you on the answers as well as how to approach different circumstances you will find yourself in.

How are customers going to find your site?

  • Do you understand search engine optimization and pay per click advertising?  Are you going to have the time to put into this?  FSBOFox can take care of a lot of this work for you and coach you how to do the rest.

Will you have time to write Buying and Selling articles for your customers?

  • Your customers are going to crave this information.  Legally you can’t copy and paste from other sources.  Writing and posting this information takes not just time but expertise.  With FSBOFox, you’ll automatically have this information on your site as we add it.

If a Subway and Joe’s Sub Shop open right next to each who’s most likely going to do better?

  • The Subway owner has a national company behind it.  He’s not learning on his own and is not going to make the mistakes that the owner of Joe’s Sub Shop does.
  • Customers know and trust the name Subway.  They will have to learn to trust Joe.  This is amplified 10x in an online business.  People are especially skeptical of online businesses.  With FSBOFox, you will be able to show your customers from day one that you are a company with proven results.  Our testimonials are your testimonials.

Are you going to be able to compete when someone else opens a FSBOFox franchise in your area?

  • Our goal is to build a national brand.  We believe if we build the brand, our profits will come later.  We believe strongly that it is not a matter of if, but when, we go into each market we target.
  • In the initial market FSBOFox launched in, we launched on March 1st 2011.  Come November 1st 2011 we’ve had over 150 listings.  That’s right, in just 6 months we built it from a non-existent business to one with 150 active property listings.  Also consider the fact that the market we launched in had 4 other competing FSBO websites, three of which had been in business more than 10 years.  To get to 150 listings, we had to steal a lot of market share in a short time.  We project even higher listings totals in year two as our brand becomes more established in the area.