Starting a FSBO Business

By landing here it looks like you have an interest in starting a FSBO business.  I had the same thought over 5 years ago and here is a shortened version of how I started my own fsbo business.

After doing my research and determining that a starting a FSBO business would be a good idea in my market, I started with the website.  I began pricing out several designs and models, bare bones to all the bells and whistles.  Prices varied from $5,000 to $10,000 with additional dollars needed for support.

After deciding on the website design we began to market, market, and market.  We offered free listings to any one we could.  It was an absolute must to have our website populated with homes before we could begin to sell our listing packages.

After several months of starting a FSBO business our marketing began to take hold and the paid orders starting to take place.  Although we discounted the price, at least some dollars were coming into the bank account.  After several more months we began to raise our discounted pricing until we reached our full listing price.

Now with continued marketing effort and frequent analysis of our business we continue to grow and eat up market share.

The reason I am writing this blog to show you a better way to start a FSBO business, and that is partnering with FSBOFox.  We offer the high quality website I described before, plus give you access to all the marketing materials we have used.  Most importantly you have access to our years of successes and failures in starting a FSBO business.  All for less money than you will spend by going on your own, and we will have you operational in about a week.

If you are serious about starting a FSBO business, please visit our informational page for more ideas:

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