Part Time Business

Seeking a part time business?  A small cost to enter business in a HOT market, with very little to no competition?  A business that you can manage in your spare time.

We have the solution to your part time business dreams. We are FSBOFox and our part time business is called our FSBOFox License.

A FSBOFox license allows individual market owners to operate manage, a for sale by owner business in their respective towns.  Our part time business opportunity includes a high quality website tailored to your market, 24/7 online support to help you operate your part time business and the most up to date technology to keep in you out in front of your competition.

Have you heard of For Sale By Owner concept?  Are you familiar with paying a real estate agent 7% when you sell your home?  We offer a money saving solution for individual home sellers to advertise and sell their homes without paying these huge commissions to real estate agents. Selling your home by owner requires a high powered marketing machine (FSBOFox) and a local expert (YOU).  This is where your opportunity and the FSBOFox part time business come together.  We offer you all the knowledge and support to help you help your customers save thousands of dollars when selling their home.

Our FSBOFox license as a part time business is a great way to earn extra money while operating your own business. Plus the opportunity is always available to make a full time career or business.  Have you heard the housing market is back, get in while home sales are HOT and the opportunity is at its best.

Please check out our website to see what the fsbo business can do for your customers. .

After that please take a peek at our informational page to see more on this part time business opportunity.

Thank you for reading

Tony and Justin from FSBOFox

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