FSBOFox License

A FSBOFox license provides you…

Exclusivity to Your Market

  • You own your market and we won’t open another FSBOFox in your area

Full access to the FSBOFox website and its constantly growing list of features

  • Our website software makes it easy to post and edit listings. We are constantly adding features that make managing your listings and customers easy


  • You will be provided a @fsbofox email address. We’ll show you how to set it up on your phone, via Microsoft Outlook or access via webmail. We’ll provide you standard signatures and templates to use when emailing customers.

Knowledge Base Software

  • Our FSBOFox Knowledgebase provides customers “how to” articles on selling FSBO. As a FSBOFox partner, you’ll have a special login account that provides you a ton of articles on how to manage your FSBOFox business. All of our marketing materials are also available at the click of a mouse.

Mapping Software

  • We’ve integrated our site with Google Maps to provide map based search results for your customers as well as any easily accessible map and directions to each property.

CRM (Customer Relationship Manager)

  • Our CRM system that we developed makes it easy for you to identify potential new customers. We’ll teach you the strategies behind populating it and using it to target new customers.

Marketing Solutions

  • We have developed email marketing programs, mail marketing programs, web advertising, TV campaigns, a radio jingle, and a ton of different print materials such as business cards, post cards, flyers, apparel, magnets and more. You’ll have access to all of this information to use in your market.

Reporting Software

  • Need a report of how many listings are about to expire? Or maybe you want to know which customers have not returned their For Sale signs back to you? How many listings did you get in March 2012? We’ve made this type of information as well as more available at the click of a mouse through our reporting engine.

Analytics Tracking

  • Want to know how many people visited your site on a particular day or over the course of a week or month? How about where those customers are coming from and how they found you? How long are they staying on the site and what pages are they visiting? We provide this information to you and teach you how to leverage it to make better business decisions.

Search Engine Optimization Tools

  • Be at the top of the search engines is important for any market. We provide an interface to help you track where you are at as well as strategies to help you move up in the search engine rankings.

Decades of Real Estate and Web Design Experience

  • Whatever it is, we’ve been there and done that and are here to help when you have questions or ideas for new site features. Our goal is to continue to innovate, add new features and be on the cutting edge of technology.

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