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How do you design a FSBO website?

Five years ago I asked this same question.  Let me walk you thru what I found in how to get a fsbo website, or have someone do a fsbo website design.  I came across two options, one of which creates a third option for you.

1)Pay a Professional to design your fsbo website.  I hosted several meetings with web designers to discuss and price my fsbo website idea.  After several weeks and hours of time, I discovered the least expensive option was well over $10,000.  Please understand that I am not talking about a build your own, cheap looking website.  I am talking a high quality, multi-functional fsbo website that will be able to expand with technology.

2)The other option I had was to build my own.  I would splice together some templates to create my very own fsbo website.  I could accomplish this for well under $1,000.  But this option presented a huge problem for me, opportunity cost.  While I was spending the months on creating this fsbo website, how am I going to develop business?  How would I maintain the site?  As you can see this idea for a fsbo website design did not make the final cut.

3)A final option for you is to copy our success.  We have years of web design and real estate experience.  We can cut your fsbo website costs in half all while providing you a high quality fsbo website specific to your market.  You will also have access to our years of successes and failures in marketing a fsbo website.  This option is called our FSBOFox license and this is the best solution for your fsbo website.

As you can see the FSBOFox fsbo website save you time and money and allows you instant access to a team of experienced fsbo marketers.  FSBOFox is the best solution for you.

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