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For Rent! Davenport 4 BR Ranch in Great Neighborhood

3718 Linwood Ave
Davenport, IA 52804

Price: $1,250

Beds: 4
Baths: 1

Step inside this spacious and flowing ranch home. This home boasts 4 over-sized bedrooms, a large eat in kitchen and a fenced in yard built for a king. Furthermore it sits in a highly desired Davenport neighborhood close to Northwest Park and Duck Creek Bike Trail. Come see all that this home has to offer.

4th Bedroom is located in the Basement!

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Rent to Own Davenport Home

2816 College Ave
Davenport, IA 52803

Price: $89,000

Beds: 2
Baths: 1

Highly desired Davenport neighborhood. Cute 2 BR ranch home located in Garfield School area, a very short walk to park, schools and bike path.

Home is available on a rent to own basis for $795 per month with a $2500 down payment.

Available January 1st.

Interior Photos Coming Soon!

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Starting a FSBO Business

Have you ever considered starting a FSBO Business? A business to help home sellers advertise their home without paying a heft real estate commission?

With our years of FSBO experience, we are here to help you start your fsbo business.  We are FSBOFox and we own and operate a FSBO business as well as offer our professional website and marketing system to entrepeneurs looking to start a fsbo business.

Our “starting a fsbo business” website package comes complete with a customized website to match your markets need and expectations.  In addition we offer 24/7 online support thru our knowledge base software, the latest in real estate marketing tools and access to all of our success and failures.  Keep in mind we also own and operate our local fsbo company.  We are in the trenches with you.

Starting a fsbo business with FSBOFox can be completed in as little as 1 week and can be done part time.  Many of our market owners who started a fsbo business work a full time job in addition to run their fsbo business.

If you are looking at a fsbo website design, starting a fsbo business or a fsbo franchise, please do yourself a favor and check out our information page at…


Thank you


FSBO Franchise

Welcome to FSBOFox and our FSBO Franchise opportunity.

Let me start out with a full disclaimer.  We cannot offer you a franchise, but we can offer you the flexibility, income and all the same rewards of owning and operating your own FSBO Franchise.  Instead of spending thousands of dollars in getting our company franchised, we kept that money, devoted in to marketing and decided to pass the savings onto you.

A FSBO Franchise thru FSBOFox is called a FSBOFox license.  It allows entrepreneurial individuals to own and operate a fsbo franchise (license) in the chosen market.  We provide the high quality website, the technical genius and all the features necessary to run a successful fsbo franchise.  You simply supply the local market knowledge, the drive and the marketing prowess to make your market a success.

No need to worry With 10 other fsbo franchise (licensee’s) in operation together we can help you achieve your goals.  Have an idea, please share it.  Need an idea, please ask.  Together we are a team of fsbo franchisers eager and willing to conquer our individual markets.    Also included  our fsbo franchise is our 24/7 also on knowledge base information center,  easy template posting to CL, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, and constantly changes features to help your fsbo franchise say in front of your competition.

Take a look around our website… .  Call our fsbo franchise owners (licensees) and then call us to discuss the possibilities of your market.

We are here to help.

If you are serious about adding a fsbo franchise opportunity please visit our informational page at:


Thank you for reading


“Your fsbo franchise headquarters”

FSBO Website

Do you have dreams of starting your own FSBO website?  Have you recent a quote for a customized, fully decked out FSBO website?  If so please read on, we want to help.

We are FSBOFox a For Sale By Owner company that owns and operates a FSBO website in Davenport, IA.  After a few years of having success in our local marker, we decided to take our FSBO website and offer it to other entrepreneurs in different markets throughout the United States.  So far business has been good.  As of this writing we have over 10 different markets in Iowa, Indiana, South Dakota and now Kentucky.

Our FSBO website program, called a fsbo license, will provide you a high quality fsbo website specific to your market.  We allow some minor customization to the fsbo website, especially in the package and contact us pages.  All the other features are ready to go; this really is a fsbo website in a box.  Features such as craigslist postings, Facebook, twitter, flyer printing are built in and ready to use from day one.  Also as new features become available, those are also added to our FSBO websites.

More importantly with our FSBO license your FSBO website will become part of a team.  All of our licensees are ready to assist you in the development of your market.  Collectively we all have great ideas and the sharing of those ideas are encouraged.   We also have developed our knowledge base software which provides answers to your most commonly asked questions.

If you are serious about adding a FSBO website to your market, please visit our FSBO website informational page at:

Thank you for reading and good luck!

Starting a FSBO Business

By landing here it looks like you have an interest in starting a FSBO business.  I had the same thought over 5 years ago and here is a shortened version of how I started my own fsbo business.

After doing my research and determining that a starting a FSBO business would be a good idea in my market, I started with the website.  I began pricing out several designs and models, bare bones to all the bells and whistles.  Prices varied from $5,000 to $10,000 with additional dollars needed for support.

After deciding on the website design we began to market, market, and market.  We offered free listings to any one we could.  It was an absolute must to have our website populated with homes before we could begin to sell our listing packages.

After several months of starting a FSBO business our marketing began to take hold and the paid orders starting to take place.  Although we discounted the price, at least some dollars were coming into the bank account.  After several more months we began to raise our discounted pricing until we reached our full listing price.

Now with continued marketing effort and frequent analysis of our business we continue to grow and eat up market share.

The reason I am writing this blog to show you a better way to start a FSBO business, and that is partnering with FSBOFox.  We offer the high quality website I described before, plus give you access to all the marketing materials we have used.  Most importantly you have access to our years of successes and failures in starting a FSBO business.  All for less money than you will spend by going on your own, and we will have you operational in about a week.

If you are serious about starting a FSBO business, please visit our informational page for more ideas:

Thank You


FSBO Website

Who will design your FSBO website?  Is your town ready for an exciting new fsbo business?  Well FSBOFox is here to help you achieve your fsbo website dreams.

FSBOFox LLC, based in Quad Cities is both a FSBO company and a for sale by owner website design company.  Our years of success in operating a fsbo website locally has allowed us to offer our fsbo website concept to other markets.

With FSBOFox’s fsbo website, you get so much more than just a fsbo website.  We provide a customized website specific to your market.  Our package comes with tech support, easy to use administration and our 24/7 knowledge base help center.  More importantly, you will be best prepared to help you design your fsbo website?  A website design company with no knowledge of the for sale by owner concept or a successful fsbo company with over 15 years of fsbo web design and real estate experience?  When it comes to fsbo websites, we are your company of choice.

We hope to have at peeked your interest in our fsbo website design concept and would like you to read more about our unique opportunity.  Please visit our information page to see if this is the correct opportunity for you:

Happy days are ahead,


FSBO Website

Here are some great facts about the FSBOFox FSBO Website.

FSBOFox LLC offers business minded individuals an opportunity to own and operate  fsbo website in which to advertise FSBO properties.  This for sale by owner website is semi-customizable to meet your markets needs and requirements.   Plus our fsbo website comes with many additional features including tech support, our always on knowledge base help center and over 15 years of real estate and web design experience.  Your website will always be up to date with the latest technology to help keep you in front of your competition.

The top 5 benefits of a fsbo website thru FSBOFox LLC are as follows:

1)Low cost of entry when compared to other website design companies.

2)Quick set up,  your fsbo website will be operational in a week.

3)Power in branding.  We have market owners in many areas, you are part of a team!

4)FSBOFox’s fsbo website program comes complete with ongoing support and coaching to help make your market a success.

5)Ongoing updates provide you the latest products and features.

If a fsbo website is right for you and your town, please visit our website for more information at:



FSBO Website

Welcome to the FSBOFox fsbo website knowledge page.

I bet you found this page by searching for some keywords such as fsbo websites, fsbo website designs or maybe evening starting a fsbo business.  However you found us, we are glad you did.

FSBOFox is a for sale by owner company.  We advertise homes for sale by owner, and recently have begun to advertise homes and apartments for rent.  There really is no limit to what our fsbo website can do.

To help you, FSBOFox offers a fsbo website license.  This fsbo license includes a fsbo website customized to your specific market but branded FSBOFox.  The license also includes ongoing support, access to our 24/7 knowledge base software and years of real estate and fsbo website design experience.  Most importantly we will offer you our successes and failures as a guide to help you develop your market.

We know there are more than a few choices available for fsbo websites.  But you will search for a long time to find a company as experienced and as dedicated to your fsbo website as much as FSBOFox.   Not only will we help you design and develop your website but as help you develop and grow your fsbo business.

Thank you for reading


FSBO Website

How do you design a FSBO website?

Five years ago I asked this same question.  Let me walk you thru what I found in how to get a fsbo website, or have someone do a fsbo website design.  I came across two options, one of which creates a third option for you.

1)Pay a Professional to design your fsbo website.  I hosted several meetings with web designers to discuss and price my fsbo website idea.  After several weeks and hours of time, I discovered the least expensive option was well over $10,000.  Please understand that I am not talking about a build your own, cheap looking website.  I am talking a high quality, multi-functional fsbo website that will be able to expand with technology.

2)The other option I had was to build my own.  I would splice together some templates to create my very own fsbo website.  I could accomplish this for well under $1,000.  But this option presented a huge problem for me, opportunity cost.  While I was spending the months on creating this fsbo website, how am I going to develop business?  How would I maintain the site?  As you can see this idea for a fsbo website design did not make the final cut.

3)A final option for you is to copy our success.  We have years of web design and real estate experience.  We can cut your fsbo website costs in half all while providing you a high quality fsbo website specific to your market.  You will also have access to our years of successes and failures in marketing a fsbo website.  This option is called our FSBOFox license and this is the best solution for your fsbo website.

As you can see the FSBOFox fsbo website save you time and money and allows you instant access to a team of experienced fsbo marketers.  FSBOFox is the best solution for you.

For more information on how FSBOFox can help you with your fsbo website please visit:

Thank you FSBOFox