FSBO Website Design

Are you looking for a FSBO Website design?
If so FSBOFox has you covered. We offer a highly advanced, market specific FSBO website design to help you start your For Sale By Owner business plus many additional features to make your For Sale By Owner business a huge success.
Instead of paying a web designer four to 6 thousand dollars for a fsbo website design and receive no marketing or strategic support. At FSBOFox we offer all our FSBO website owners our successful marketing strategies, our Customer Relationship Manager and plenty of real estate and web design experience. We believe in helping you be a leader in your local FSBO market.
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For Rent! Davenport 4 BR Ranch in Great Neighborhood

3718 Linwood Ave
Davenport, IA 52804

Price: $1,250

Beds: 4
Baths: 1

Step inside this spacious and flowing ranch home. This home boasts 4 over-sized bedrooms, a large eat in kitchen and a fenced in yard built for a king. Furthermore it sits in a highly desired Davenport neighborhood close to Northwest Park and Duck Creek Bike Trail. Come see all that this home has to offer.

4th Bedroom is located in the Basement!

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Rent to Own Davenport Home

2816 College Ave
Davenport, IA 52803

Price: $89,000

Beds: 2
Baths: 1

Highly desired Davenport neighborhood. Cute 2 BR ranch home located in Garfield School area, a very short walk to park, schools and bike path.

Home is available on a rent to own basis for $795 per month with a $2500 down payment.

Available January 1st.

Interior Photos Coming Soon!

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Starting a FSBO Business

Have you ever considered starting a FSBO Business? A business to help home sellers advertise their home without paying a heft real estate commission?

With our years of FSBO experience, we are here to help you start your fsbo business.  We are FSBOFox and we own and operate a FSBO business as well as offer our professional website and marketing system to entrepeneurs looking to start a fsbo business.

Our “starting a fsbo business” website package comes complete with a customized website to match your markets need and expectations.  In addition we offer 24/7 online support thru our knowledge base software, the latest in real estate marketing tools and access to all of our success and failures.  Keep in mind we also own and operate our local fsbo company.  We are in the trenches with you.

Starting a fsbo business with FSBOFox can be completed in as little as 1 week and can be done part time.  Many of our market owners who started a fsbo business work a full time job in addition to run their fsbo business.

If you are looking at a fsbo website design, starting a fsbo business or a fsbo franchise, please do yourself a favor and check out our information page at…



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FSBO Business For Sale

We are FSBOFox and welcome to our informational blog on our fsbo business for sale.

FSBOFox is a For Sale By Owner real estate marketing company based in Bettendorf, IA.  In addition to operating our local fsbo business we also offer our fsbo business for sale

Interested entrepreneurs or real estate agents purchase our fsbo business for sale or what so we call our fsbo license.  Each fsbo business for sale is a high quality, semi customizable website unique o your individual market.  The license comes with our ongoing support, access to our 24/7 knowledge base software, years of real estate and web design experience.  Most importantly our fsbo business for sale includes help and assistance to help you achieve success in your particular market.  You will have access to all our marketing materials, radio and TV ads, as well as our years of successes and failures.

If you have an interest in starting a For Sale By Owner business in your area, please take a look at our fsbo business for sale informational page at:


Also spend some time on our main website, take a look at our features, study our quality, and then call our individual market owners.  Our website is www.fsbofox.com .  If you still have questions regarding our fsbo business for sale, simply call or email.  We are always here to help.

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FSBO Website

Are you a real estate agent looking for a new way to generate business?  Do you see a FSBO Website as that opportunity?  If so please keep reading,  if not then you are in the wrong place.


We are FSBOFox and we offer our highly customized fsbo website for sale, to help agents and entrepreneurs capitalize on the fsbo market.  Our fsbo website can help you capture more clients, generate more income and grow your business for years to come.  Here is how…

1)By owning your own fsbo website you can market yourself to all the fsbo sellers.  The marketing ways are endless.  But think of this,  if a fsbo seller is successful in selling their home, don’t they usually use an agent to buy there next home?  If the seller is unsuccessful in selling fsbo,  don’t they usually sell thru an agent?  Do you see how owning a fsbo website could put you as top of mind for all these customers?

2)Our fsbo website will help you generate more income.  As mentioned before you are positioned perfectly whether the fsbo sellers is successful or not.  Your income potential is there no matter the outcome of their sale.

3)Your fsbo website is not market sensitive.  If the market is up more people will choose agents to sell their own,  if the market is not so up they will choose fsbo.  Well,  you offer the clients both options ad have a plan to help them no matter their needs.  This concept is unique and the customers we serve absolutely love it.

We have shown three ways in which a fsbo website can help you as an agent become more successful.  The question is do you see fsbo as an opportunity or as an enemy?

We are here to help and hope you take some time to review our informational page at:



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FSBOFox your fsbo website headquarters.

FSBO Software

FSBOFox would like to introduce you to our high quality, easy to operate and semi customizable FSBO software.  Our FSBO software is a great way to enter into the For Sale By Owner market in your town.


Our FSBO Software offer a very low cost to entry into a growing market segment, real estate advertising.  Plus our software is very user friendly and offers all the necessary marketing tools to help your customers achieve great success is selling their home by owner.

There are several options you can choose when looking into fsbo software….

1)Custom design and develop your own specific fsbo website.  This process will take months if not years to design, tweak and complete the entire process.  Additionally all the customization will costs you upwards of $10,000 by the time you are complete.


2)The second and best option when looking into FSBO software is to choose FSBOFox.  Our high quality site is already designed, the features you need are already available.  Start to finish we will have your fsbo software up and running in 2 weeks, saving you time and effort.  The best part of our fsbo software is the price.  Fare less expensive than a customized site means more money to spend on marketing.

After reading this article please spend some time on our site to see the features, the presentation and the options available on our fsbo software.  Please visit…  www.fsbofox.com


Then for additional information on our fsbo software program please visit our information page at:



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FSBO Website

Are you a real estate agent looking for another way to generate leads?  Have you ever thought of adding an fsbo website to your repertoire?   If so please read on…

We are FSBOFox and we design and sell a high quality fsbo website to help you accomplish your goal of receiving more leads.  By joining forces with team FSBOFox we will help you generate new leads and new business in 2 ways.

1) How many fsbo sellers do you know who have been unsuccessful and frustrated in the fsbo process?  Would it help you to be the first agent they think of when they decide to no longer go fsbo?  If you use our fsbo website correctly, not only can you generate revenue if they sell fsbo, but also be the agent they call if fsbo does not work out.

2) Secondly, these customers are selling homes.  Whether they sell a home fsbo or with agent representation, don’t they need a buyer’s agent to help them find their next home?   Any ideas of who they could choose?

Our fsbo website is custom built and maintained to keep our company in the front of all fsbo marketing.  We offer easy postings to Craigslist, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.  Plus one click access to Zillow and Trulia.  Our fsbo website offers all the marketing tools you are used to as an agent, plus we also have the capability of adding all MLS listings to your local fsbo website.

Take some time and take a look at our fsbo website program, it is a great addition to your real estate practice.  More information can be found here…..


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FSBO Franchise

Welcome to FSBOFox and our FSBO Franchise opportunity.

Let me start out with a full disclaimer.  We cannot offer you a franchise, but we can offer you the flexibility, income and all the same rewards of owning and operating your own FSBO Franchise.  Instead of spending thousands of dollars in getting our company franchised, we kept that money, devoted in to marketing and decided to pass the savings onto you.

A FSBO Franchise thru FSBOFox is called a FSBOFox license.  It allows entrepreneurial individuals to own and operate a fsbo franchise (license) in the chosen market.  We provide the high quality website, the technical genius and all the features necessary to run a successful fsbo franchise.  You simply supply the local market knowledge, the drive and the marketing prowess to make your market a success.

No need to worry With 10 other fsbo franchise (licensee’s) in operation together we can help you achieve your goals.  Have an idea, please share it.  Need an idea, please ask.  Together we are a team of fsbo franchisers eager and willing to conquer our individual markets.    Also included  our fsbo franchise is our 24/7 also on knowledge base information center,  easy template posting to CL, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, and constantly changes features to help your fsbo franchise say in front of your competition.

Take a look around our website…www.fsbofox.com .  Call our fsbo franchise owners (licensees) and then call us to discuss the possibilities of your market.

We are here to help.

If you are serious about adding a fsbo franchise opportunity please visit our informational page at: http://fsbofox.com/be-your-own-boss-with-fsbofox/


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“Your fsbo franchise headquarters”

FSBO Website

Do you have dreams of starting your own FSBO website?  Have you recent a quote for a customized, fully decked out FSBO website?  If so please read on, we want to help.

We are FSBOFox a For Sale By Owner company that owns and operates a FSBO website in Davenport, IA.  After a few years of having success in our local marker, we decided to take our FSBO website and offer it to other entrepreneurs in different markets throughout the United States.  So far business has been good.  As of this writing we have over 10 different markets in Iowa, Indiana, South Dakota and now Kentucky.

Our FSBO website program, called a fsbo license, will provide you a high quality fsbo website specific to your market.  We allow some minor customization to the fsbo website, especially in the package and contact us pages.  All the other features are ready to go; this really is a fsbo website in a box.  Features such as craigslist postings, Facebook, twitter, flyer printing are built in and ready to use from day one.  Also as new features become available, those are also added to our FSBO websites.

More importantly with our FSBO license your FSBO website will become part of a team.  All of our licensees are ready to assist you in the development of your market.  Collectively we all have great ideas and the sharing of those ideas are encouraged.   We also have developed our knowledge base software which provides answers to your most commonly asked questions.

If you are serious about adding a FSBO website to your market, please visit our FSBO website informational page at: http://fsbofox.com/be-your-own-boss-with-fsbofox/

Thank you for reading and good luck!