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Starting a FSBO Business

By landing here it looks like you have an interest in starting a FSBO business.  I had the same thought over 5 years ago and here is a shortened version of how I started my own fsbo business.

After doing my research and determining that a starting a FSBO business would be a good idea in my market, I started with the website.  I began pricing out several designs and models, bare bones to all the bells and whistles.  Prices varied from $5,000 to $10,000 with additional dollars needed for support.

After deciding on the website design we began to market, market, and market.  We offered free listings to any one we could.  It was an absolute must to have our website populated with homes before we could begin to sell our listing packages.

After several months of starting a FSBO business our marketing began to take hold and the paid orders starting to take place.  Although we discounted the price, at least some dollars were coming into the bank account.  After several more months we began to raise our discounted pricing until we reached our full listing price.

Now with continued marketing effort and frequent analysis of our business we continue to grow and eat up market share.

The reason I am writing this blog to show you a better way to start a FSBO business, and that is partnering with FSBOFox.  We offer the high quality website I described before, plus give you access to all the marketing materials we have used.  Most importantly you have access to our years of successes and failures in starting a FSBO business.  All for less money than you will spend by going on your own, and we will have you operational in about a week.

If you are serious about starting a FSBO business, please visit our informational page for more ideas:

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FSBO Website

Who will design your FSBO website?  Is your town ready for an exciting new fsbo business?  Well FSBOFox is here to help you achieve your fsbo website dreams.

FSBOFox LLC, based in Quad Cities is both a FSBO company and a for sale by owner website design company.  Our years of success in operating a fsbo website locally has allowed us to offer our fsbo website concept to other markets.

With FSBOFox’s fsbo website, you get so much more than just a fsbo website.  We provide a customized website specific to your market.  Our package comes with tech support, easy to use administration and our 24/7 knowledge base help center.  More importantly, you will be best prepared to help you design your fsbo website?  A website design company with no knowledge of the for sale by owner concept or a successful fsbo company with over 15 years of fsbo web design and real estate experience?  When it comes to fsbo websites, we are your company of choice.

We hope to have at peeked your interest in our fsbo website design concept and would like you to read more about our unique opportunity.  Please visit our information page to see if this is the correct opportunity for you:

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Small Business For Sale

FSBOFox  is selling a small business opportunity  for $2,000.  A turnkey business that is ready for you and ready for the future of real estate marketing.  Our small business for sale package is called our fsbo license..

Our small business for sale provides market owners with control and ownership in their area while still receiving the benefits of being part of a team.

Our small business for sale provides each market owner their own website branded FSBOFox,  pages upon pages of always on knowledge base articles to help you learn and grow your fsbo business.  Plus years of web design  and real estate experience. We are always here to assist our market owners & guarantee the help you need to become a successful small business owner. Our experience and successes will become your partner in our small business for sale program.

Why throw away thousands of dollars,  months of time and precious energy in finding a small business for sale. A FSBOFox license, our small business for sale program,  offers you a great opportunity in the rapidly growing For Sale By Owner real estate market.  You will be up and running in about a week.

For additional information please visit our site at:

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Your small business for sale expert is FSBOFox

Cheap Franchise

Looking for some cheap franchise ideas?  Are you ready for a new and exciting business concept?  Then welcome to FSBOFox’s affiliate program, which is a great cheap franchise alternative.

FSBOFox LLC, is For Sale By Owner real estate Company, and also offers a cheap franchise alternative.  Our success in creating a local for sale by owner business allows us to offer our cutting edge, professionally designed fsbo website services to other markets and other business owners as a cheap franchise alternative.

With FSBOFox’s cheap franchise alternative, you get a lot more than just a name and fsbo website.  We provide a customized website tailored to your town’s needs and desires.  Our affiliate program comes with tech support, easy to use administration and 24/7  knowledge base help center.  Most importantly who is the best company to design your cheap franchise?  A website design company with no knowledge of the for sale by owner concept? Or a successful fsbo company with over 15 years of fsbo web design and real estate experience?  When it comes to cheap franchise, we have a great program for you.

We hope you will look further into the FSBO real estate concept a great cheap franchise alternative.  To find more about our cheap franchise alternative :

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Your cheap franchise problem is solved

FSBO Website

Here are some great facts about the FSBOFox FSBO Website.

FSBOFox LLC offers business minded individuals an opportunity to own and operate  fsbo website in which to advertise FSBO properties.  This for sale by owner website is semi-customizable to meet your markets needs and requirements.   Plus our fsbo website comes with many additional features including tech support, our always on knowledge base help center and over 15 years of real estate and web design experience.  Your website will always be up to date with the latest technology to help keep you in front of your competition.

The top 5 benefits of a fsbo website thru FSBOFox LLC are as follows:

1)Low cost of entry when compared to other website design companies.

2)Quick set up,  your fsbo website will be operational in a week.

3)Power in branding.  We have market owners in many areas, you are part of a team!

4)FSBOFox’s fsbo website program comes complete with ongoing support and coaching to help make your market a success.

5)Ongoing updates provide you the latest products and features.

If a fsbo website is right for you and your town, please visit our website for more information at:



FSBO Business

Looking to start a FSBO Business ?  FSBOFox has a tremendous FSBO business opportunity for you to consider.

Whether you are a real estate rookie or tech savvy entrepreneur just looking to start your own business, you have found to the FSBO Business headquarters.

FSBOFox offers a unique business opportunity which allows you to own, manage and operate  a fsbo business in as little as 7 days.

Starting a FSBOFox fsbo business can be done in part time in addition to working a full time career.  Our fsbo business offers flexible work schedules, huge income potential and the reward of saving homeowners thousands of dollars by helping them advertise their home for sale.

Each fsbo license we offer is supported by 15 years of real estate and web design expertise, our 24/7 knowledge base center, as well as ongoing tech support.

You can also take comfort in the fact we also own and operate our local fsbo business.  We know what it takes to be successful in the fsbo business.  We have started, marketed and grown a successful fsbo company in our local area.

Be sure to visit our informational page at…

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Tony Burkhart


Your Busines starts here

FSBO Website Design

Welcome to our fsbo website design program called the FSBOFox license.  Instead of designing a website and then sending you away, we have perfected the fsbo website design business and the FSBO business concept.  The goal of our fsbo website design program is to get you operational fast, with little cost, and with the support of an experienced team.

Here are the top 6 items our fsbo website design program offers you:

1)Full access to our constantly growing list of features

Our website software makes it easy to post and edit listings. We are constantly adding features that make marketing to your customers easy.  Try getting this from another fsbo website design company.


  • Our CRM system that we developed makes it easy for you to identify potential new customers. We’ll teach you the strategies behind populating it and using it to target new customers.  A FSBOFox license exclusive!  The ONLY fsbo website design company to help you manage your customers and their data!


3)Knowledge Base Software

  • Our FSBOFox Knowledgebase provides customers “how to” articles on selling FSBO. As a FSBOFox partner, you’ll have a special login account that provides you a ton of articles on how to manage your FSBOFox business. All of our marketing materials are also available at the click of a mouse.  Will the other fsbo website design companies offer you ongoing support?

4)Marketing Solutions

  • We have developed email marketing programs, mail marketing programs, web advertising, TV campaigns, a radio jingle, and a ton of different print materials such as business cards, post cards, flyers, apparel, magnets and more. This information is available to all our market owners.


5)Years of Real Estate and Web Design Experience

  • Whatever it is, we’ve been there and done that. Our goal is to continue to innovate, add new features and be on the cutting edge of technology.  We are the only fsbo website design company that also owns and operates a for sale by owner business.  We know what it takes to be successful.


6)Search Engine Optimization Tools

  • Be at the top of the search engines is important for any market. We provide an interface to help you track where you are at as well as strategies to help you move up in the search engine rankings.

To read more on our fsbo website design program please visit:


“The FSBO Website Design Experts”

Part Time Business

Seeking a part time business?  A small cost to enter business in a HOT market, with very little to no competition?  A business that you can manage in your spare time.

We have the solution to your part time business dreams. We are FSBOFox and our part time business is called our FSBOFox License.

A FSBOFox license allows individual market owners to operate manage, a for sale by owner business in their respective towns.  Our part time business opportunity includes a high quality website tailored to your market, 24/7 online support to help you operate your part time business and the most up to date technology to keep in you out in front of your competition.

Have you heard of For Sale By Owner concept?  Are you familiar with paying a real estate agent 7% when you sell your home?  We offer a money saving solution for individual home sellers to advertise and sell their homes without paying these huge commissions to real estate agents. Selling your home by owner requires a high powered marketing machine (FSBOFox) and a local expert (YOU).  This is where your opportunity and the FSBOFox part time business come together.  We offer you all the knowledge and support to help you help your customers save thousands of dollars when selling their home.

Our FSBOFox license as a part time business is a great way to earn extra money while operating your own business. Plus the opportunity is always available to make a full time career or business.  Have you heard the housing market is back, get in while home sales are HOT and the opportunity is at its best.

Please check out our website to see what the fsbo business can do for your customers. .

After that please take a peek at our informational page to see more on this part time business opportunity.

Thank you for reading

Tony and Justin from FSBOFox

Home Based Business

Are you interested in starting a home based business?  A home based business that is part of a larger company? A home based business in a RED HOT market segment?

We have your home based business solution.

We are FSBOFox and we welcome you to our FSBOFox license, a very inexpensive business which can be set up and operated anywhere.

If you are looking for a part time job whether you are retired, a real estate phenom or a stay at home mom FSBOFox has a great opportunity for you to start a home based business.

We offer a turnkey home based business in the for sale by owner real estate market.  FSBOFox can assist you in starting a home based business in under week with very little capital.  The difficult  parts of starting your home based business are already completed for you.  We provide you all the needed items to make your home based business a huge success.  With our FSBOFox FSBO license you will own a quality website, years of marketing research and all the latest real estate features to help you help your clients succeed.

Starting a FSBOFox home based business is great way to a great future which can also be done part time.  We offer years of web design expertise to help you get going and years of real estate knowledge to keep you moving.  To further help you start your home based business, we offer huge amounts of for sale by owner specific information thru our FSBO help center. We also host  monthly calls to help your market succeed.

If you are looking for a low cost home based business please see our informational page at…

FSBOFox is the first step to your home based business.

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FSBO Real Estate Business

Your simple, easy to own and low cost FSBO real estate business is here?

A fsbo real estate business is a For Sale By Owner real estate, which simply means that a home seller prices and sells their own real estate with the help of an advertising company. A fsbo real estate business is the source or location where the sellers advertise their home.

FSBOFox’s  fsbo real estate business has over 15 years of web design and real estate web design experience, plus 3 years of owning and operating a for sale by owner business in our local market.

Can a fsbo real estate business can be successful in your market?  Do your local sellers need a central site to advertise their homes for sale?  If yes, please take a look at our small real estate business.

Our for sale by owner real estate business (FSBOFox license) can  help you become your towns uniqiue advertising site with a low cost of entry and a low time commitment.  We can have your local website running within a few days.  FSBOFox provides you with coaching, access to our 24/7 knowledge base software, and the latest real estate marketing tools and features.  Our years of successes and failures of running our local fsbo business are available for you to learn from.  We will with you to build a stronger fsbo real estate business.

For additional info on our fsbo real estate business, please visit us at:

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“Your Low Cost Choice in the FSBO Real Estate Business”