Tips on Preparing for a Home Inspection

Almost all home buyers will hire a home inspector to inspect a home before they close on it.  If problems are found with the home, it may slow down the closing process or bring it to a halt altogether.   Knowing this, it is best that you make any necessary repairs that you are aware of before the inspector comes.  Specific things that an inspector will look for are:

Make sure that any area of the home that the inspector may need to get at such as a furnace or electrical box have clear paths.  Having to move things around may leave a bad impression with the inspector.

Although your home inspection report may contain few negative items, remember that is  by no means a wishlist for buyers.  Your contract will dictate what all need to be in working order at closing.  Appliances, electrical systems or the roof may be older but still in working condition.

For items requiring repairs, your contract might state that you are under no obligation to make repairs, however the buyers usually have the option to withdraw from the contract if you do not.

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