FSBO FAQs, Frequently Asked Questions

What is FSBO?
FSBO stands for For Sale By Owner.
Is FSBOFox a Real Estate Company?
No. This is why we don't charge a commission on the sale of your home. We are an advertising company, no different than the newspaper, but we offer more tools to help you sell!
Is there a commission to Sell or Buy any property on FSBOFox?
Absolutely Not. No commission for sellers or buyers from FSBOFox.
Is there a fee if I remove my listing on FSBOFox?
No. You have the ability to remove at anytime, no fees.
Can I list my home with a Realtor also?
No. FSBOFox is a 100% For Sale By Owner website.
What if I've already listed with another FSBO site?
No problem. You can advertise your home on as many FSBO sites as you wish.
Will buyers be contacting FSBOFox or me?
Owners will deal directly with their buyers.
Will FSBOFox hold an open house for me?
No. We are legally not allowed to show your home or act as an agent. When selling by owner the Owner will hold any open houses and conduct all showings.
When will my page become Live on the site?
Definitely within 24 hours. Usually within a couple hours of your posting.
Whats the difference between Self Serve and Full Serve Listing?
With a Full Serve Listing we come photograph your property with a professional wide angle lens camera. We edit and upload photos for you. We will also add your property listing to the site.
Does FSBOFox provide signage?
Yes. A 24 x 18 metal For Sale sign is included free (just pay a refundable deposit) with every listing. We also offer directional arrows for purchase.
Whats the difference between FSBOFox and National FSBO Sites?
The main differences is that we are locally owned and operated which means when you pick up the phone, their is someone on the other end who knows your community and can answer your questions. We also advertise locally for better exposure to your area buyers which national FSBO sites do not do. We also provide photography and assistance in adding your property to FSBOFox.com.
What if a Real Estate Agent contacts me and says they have an interested buyer?
Your response is really up to you, and should depend largely on how desperate you are to sell and how long your home has been on the market. You may tell the agent that you will pay a 3% buying commission, or maybe a 2% commission. Or you may tell them that your list price is your bottom line and you don't care how they work the deal as long as you get X amount.
Thinking of Selling FSBO?